LyftenBloggie v1.1.0 is Out!


LyftenBloggie v1.1.0 is Out!


I'm happy to announce the release of LyftenBloggie v1.1.0. This release carries over many of the same features that were enjoyed in version 1.0.x, while dumping the more annoying ones. The new release also offers many new features and improvements, for example improved support for third-party components such as JComment, JomComment, Gravatar, and JUser to name a few.

LyftenBloggie v1.1.0

A Little More

Access Groups
LyftenBloggie will have access levels groups based on Joomla's basic Access Control Levels. Each group will have certain access level features that will be directly related to the uploading, creation, editing, notifications, approving and publishing of blog content through the Frontend interface.

A feature that was once dormant will be activated in the new release. The code was there already but not ready for use.

XML-Based Template Engine
With the new release sporting a new and powerful XML-based template engine, it will be easy for others to create templates. I'm still working on getting the old templates switched over.

Email Alerts
With all the requests on the forums, I decided it had to be added. As of right now I plan on making them template based as well, that way they can be edited in the backend easily.

Component Plugins
With this function everything in LyftenBloggie can be extended in many was, from it's avatars and all the way to it's comment system.


  • Added LyftenBloggie can now update it's self with one click
  • Added Roles based on Joomla's Group Access levels
  • Added the ability to install plugins(editors, comments, avatars...)
  • Added one click install of modules and plugins from
  • Added a patching system
  • Added option to add tags in the frontend
  • Added Anonymous Commenting
  • Added the ablitiy to post-date entries
  • Added spam check ( intergrated with LyftenBloggie's comment system
  • Fixed Bookmark ordering
  • Fixed update check error caused when is down
  • Fixed Tag Publish/Unpublish
  • Fixed view issue with comments in the backend
  • Fixed readmore not showing on entries page
  • Fixed comment count for 3rd party commenting systems
  • Fixed issue with image insert with CKEditor plugin
  • Fixed time resting to 00:00 after saving Entry
  • Fixed "Unable to Ping" error
  • Updated CKEditor to version 3.2.1

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